Leicester Tory councillors set to pocket £40k of iPads

We don’t often find ourselves agreeing with the TaxPayers’ Alliance, but plans by councillors at Leicester City Council to award themselves a nice, new, top of the range bundle of Apple iPads really is something else.

Cuts galore, shiny new toys for the boys

Tory group leader Ross Grant – who was one of the first to bag a trial of the £699 devices – insists that the top of the range consumer device has made him ”more productive” as a councillor, enthusing:

Whenever a constituent stops me in the street I can write down and begin researching their problem immediately on the iPad, because I’m connected to the internet right around the city.

‘Also when I’m in key meetings I’ve asked for council agendas to be e-mailed as PDF files to the iPad so I no longer need printed documents. This could save the council money in the long term.

We would have thought a netbook costing less than half of the price would do that job just as effectively – heck, just about any smartphone is capable of reading PDFs and accessing the web on the move – but I guess they won’t make the Tory boy look as stylish and hip on the street.

We also wonder how long Mr Grant will keep his iPad if he struts around the poorer areas of the town soon to be blighted by cuts making “notes” and “researching problems” in the streets.

Fury @ noses in the iTrough

Matthew Sinclair, Research Director at the TaxPayers’ Alliance was suitably unimpressed:

“It is right that the council should try to avoid wasting paper where they can. But incredible that they think that means providing councillors with flash new iPads at a cost of tens of thousands of pounds.

A small, affordable laptop would do the same job, though it certainly wouldn’t be as exciting a perk for the councillors.

GMB union chief Richard Taylor was also equally outraged by the council’s decision:

I think it is utterly disgusting that when the council itself admits it may have to axe 1,000 jobs, it is planning to equip all the councillors with an iPad.

The council knows it must save millions over the next few years, so what it is thinking about with this ridiculous plan is beyond me.

We are talking about frontline services being cut, which could mean getting rid of people who tidy streets, empty bins and care for the elderly and vulnerable in care homes. And yet they think it’s OK to spend £700 a time on iPads for councillors.

Unjustifiable expense

If the council come to their senses, they are welcome to browse our selection of top netbooks, all offering the ability to read PDFs, make notes and research issues for substantially less than an iPad – and they’re all light enough not to upset poor old Sarah, and come with an excellent battery life too.

Drop the councillors a personal note

If you’re living in Leicester, why not drop your local councillor and perhaps offer some cheaper alternatives to the iPad? Or maybe suggest how their money may be spend more effectively?

You can find the councillor’s personal webpages here. Drop us a line if you get a response.


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