Orwell warned us to be afraid of the ‘Big Society’ idea

SO WHAT are we really to make of David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’?

Only time will tell, as they say, and this lot’s self-imposed title of the ‘listening government’ will be just another case of ‘listen, ignore and then cut’, which we all know will also be heavily disguised.

They have also said that we should all help more in the community but, with these cuts causing more joblessness and people having more time on their hands, this is the complete reality of what Cameron really means by helping in the community.

We are now being told that it was the previous Government that broke Britain, but let’s face up to it and see that it was really the banks that broke Britain. They then went and gave their shareholders massive pay-outs at the expense of ordinary investors and savers, many of whom have lost life savings by putting their hard-earned money into these banks in the first place.

Conservatism and banking has always gone pretty much hand-in-hand – something that many of us won’t even be able to afford soon! So on this alone, I say let the bankers start all this voluntary helping in the community. Have we all forgotten so soon about Mrs Thatcher when she advocated that those with mental problems should be taken out of hospitals and be into their relatives’ care in the community, who could do a better job.

We all know now how that has turned out.

The so-called ‘Big Society’ will make society just the opposite. It will become small and insular and make those who are really in need become more and more desperate by leaving them on their own to try to survive the daily grind.

Public services will be done on the cheap and things like your weekly bin collections will get less and less, but no doubt we will all get more and more bins to add to the multi-coloured collection we have at the moment.

Now, there is also talk of parents creating their own schools. This again will just turn us into an elitist educational society as those with the money will rule the roost and those from the lesser well-off areas will be pushed aside. This will see those from areas that just need a little push and help, like they do in today’s system, ostracised permanently.

The little spark that would be lit and encouraged to burn brightly in the future will be extinguished for good. Some years ago the literary genius of his time wrote about the big society of the future. His name was George Orwell. We were warned then. This isn’t the ‘Big Brother’ of the reality TV series, this is past predictions on our doorsteps now. I half expect to hear Big Ben strike thirteen times any day now. Remember, we were warned.


4 responses to “Orwell warned us to be afraid of the ‘Big Society’ idea

  1. What can we do about it? I don’t just wanna continue sitting here reading your blogs and getting more and more pissed off.

  2. I think it’s unrealistic to say this is the end of everything good in Britain and the beginning of a ”Big Brother” state. If anything, it’s the opposite; the state is becoming smaller and in a worse position. We all know that’s wrong. We need a strong, empowering state that can help people help themselves. The ”Big Society” is just a cover so the Tories can cut market regulation.

  3. An ‘elitist educational society’ – sounds amazing! We once had grammar schools to help those who need a little help. Who banned the opening of new grammar schools? Labour did. Whose cabinet had 50% privately educated MPs? Labour did. Blair, Abbot, Kelly and others all send their kids to private school. What party where they in? Oh yes.
    Mate your class bile is making you go blind. Give it up, it is so boring. It’s only been eleven weeks ffs.
    As for Daniel L asking what he can do… Read an equally vicious, nonsensical and class-driven right-wing blog to even out the bitterness. You’ll feel better.