Comment: LibDems sold their souls for a few pieces of silver. And we will pay the price.

The Liberal Democrats have bought into the big right-wing lie that massive cuts are inevitable and that ‘There Is No Alternative’, turning the tail on their own statements before the election.

I heard this lie once before – 30 years ago – from the Tories. It was as much a lie then as it is now.

These cuts are ideological, driven by a bunch of graceless, charmless, clueless public school nincompoops who have never been short in their lives.

They are a million miles removed from the ordinary people, hundreds of thousands of them, who are going to lose their homes and end up on the streets thanks to the policies of the Lib Dems and the Tories.

Do you actually know who got us into this mess? Do you really believe it was greedy nurses and teachers siphoning off their money into Cayman Islands bank accounts?

No, it was the Tories’ mates, who did just that and now ordinary people are going to pay a terrible price for what they’ve done to our country. There are no sanctions against them, no recovery action, nothing. They are getting away with criminal greed and criminal irresponsibility.

There is not one MP in government who deserves to be in government today, not one. They are all economically autistic, they have no real world experience, and are puppeteered by Murdoch and other shady far-right wing interests who keep their heads well below the parapet.

The best chance for ordinary people back in May was for Labour to win and tack to the Left, back to the ground that politics used to occupy before 1979 and Thatcherism ratcheted everyone rightwards.

Some say all the parties are the same. Maybe so. Maybe when you are standing there in the street, with your possessions all round you, having been removed by bailiffs, and you have nowhere to go, the reality of what is happening to this country will hit home to you.

We are now governed by arrogant rich kids who relish the idea of grinding the noises of ordinary people into the dust, and depriving them of what protection and rights at work they still have. The legal aid budget is to be slashed too, so further reducing their chances of obtaining legal representation to combat the injustices being meted out on them.

The Liberal Democrats support all this, the most right wing agenda for decades.

It’s time that Lib Dems decided where their true loyalties lay – and many have already. Labour’s membership is up by 25000 since the election, and Lib Dems are deserting in droves in disgust and coming over to Labour.

The Lib Dems could have refused to enter a coalition with the Tories, and instead joined with Labour in resisting the programmes of Tory nonsense we now see unfolding. Together they could have prevented this slaughter of the public services and the loss of millions of jobs in both public and private sectors.

But no. Their leaders were intoxicated by the sniff of power and sold their party’s fundamental principles down the river.

Nick Clegg will be out of parliament come the next election, and so will Danny Alexander and Cable. They will be taught a lesson for what they have done.

The only snag about that is that millions of us will have to pay for their greed, selfishness and lack of principle.


7 responses to “Comment: LibDems sold their souls for a few pieces of silver. And we will pay the price.

  1. You have absolutely hit the nail on the head there. The Liberal Democrats are losing support and the trust they built with their grassroots. Everyone talks about New Labour as if it were one of society’s contemporary evils but I think the public are about to get one that might just ruin this party. Nobody likes a Tory and now, nobody likes a Lib Dem either.

  2. Honestly, next election there won’t be a Lib Dem party any more. They shot themselves fatally when they turned coat on their voters and sided with the one party the Lib Dem voters emphatically did not want to be a part of.

    That’s assuming we’re going to have a next election. This bunch might decide that, in the interests of national security and due to the ongoing war etc., to suspend democracy for ever.

    That would please Murdoch, Dacre et al.

  3. I agree entirely. Up until the election I would have tolerated the lib Dems but they are sacrificing the fortunes of the country for the sake of a minute, token amount of power. The first minute of power in 90 years. Lets make it 180 before the next time.

  4. You might be better waiting at least another few months before rewriting history quite this blatantly.

    Labour didn’t want a deal, they went through the motions so they could throw this kind of crap later. Senior Labourites were briefing against the idea from the start of the negotiations (and it would have been an untenably shaky deal in any case)

    You’re blaming the lib dems for making a choice they didn’t have.

    The choice they *did* have was between the Tory plans and directionless chaos. I’m not entirely certain the Tories are better than chaos, but it’s close enough as a judgement call I’m prepared to grudgingly accept it.

  5. @Jason, I think you should get your head out of the sand. Cable let it slip that the Lib Dems had made up their minds on the 7th or 8th of May but met with Labour negotiators around the 10th. If you’d like the clip here it is:

    Now the LDs are trying to make it out that “they had no choice” it was “the only option”. Yeah it is when you’ve made up your mind when you were flirting with the tories.
    Don’t get all up in arms about the Liberal Democrats not having any choice. They did. Their choice was the promise of power and influence; two things that were never delivered.